This illustration was designed for someone special to me; someone that's been really supportive and close. He got a job at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as a supervisor, and I wanted to show my support for him this way. I met him at another Coffee Bean, and he used to get my order as well as be an awesome barista and made me tons (literally... tooooons) of coffee and tea. So here's my way of giving back to him in return (I'm sorry I physically can't make you a good cup of coffee), but I'm so proud of him and hopefully he'll like this piece I did for him!
For this work, I wanted to use a colorful color palette such as different shades of greens, oranges, yellows, periwinkles, and purples. I aimed to compose it to have various directional forces and have harmonious balance within the colors. Also, I wanted to return to an old style I used to do which had limited color choices, but tweak that style by meshing my current style to my old.
This is the original sketch that I had in my sketchbook. When I'm brainstorming, things can get scattered and not pretty.
"Coffee & Tea from Me to You"
Tracy Thanh Tran

Tumblr / Behance
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