This is a series of illustrations with random objects and subjects to explore colors. It was a personal task to wake up, have a cup of iced coffee, hair in a bun, sit down and play with colors to see how different variations of colors mesh well together. Motivated to design and inspired by other artists on my Instagram feed, I was able to finish these illustrations by the end of the night. I had a blast experimenting with colors like antique greens, rich purples and pinks, cool blues, warm coppers and golds, and a diversity of creamy yellows. As you scroll, you'll see some pieces bolder in color palette than others, yet (hopefully) still visually appealing with their simplicity and cohesion.
"Yo ho, yo ho!"
"Tea & Honey, Yum, Yum"
"Candle's Allure"
This piece definitely burns bright.
Color Study: Random Imageries (2015)
Tracy Thanh Tran

Tumblr / Behance / Instagram
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