For the past four years, since my senior year of high school till now, I’ve been commissioned to do badminton t-shirt designs for my high school. These are my designs for their 2015 Spring badminton season. I did a simple badge in the front, over the chest, and another design on the backs. Our school colors are green and gold, so these were silkscreened with yellow-gold colored ink, on 50% cotton, 50% polyester hunter green t-shirts.

As a disclaimer, these photos were taken by a family friend from "San Diego Section Badminton". (Some photos were edited and manipulated by me.)
This is the front design for the T-shirts. It's a simple badge design with the school's name (Patrick Henry High School) and the team's name (Patriots).
This is the back design for the T-shirts. I wanted to develop a detailed design that gave a vintage-feel yet provided a sense of speed and agility coming from the birdie illustration.
For reference, here were last year's (2014) t-shirt designs.
These designs were more fluid and feathery.
Patrick Henry HIgh School Badminton T-Shirt Designs (2015)
Tracy Thanh Tran
Tumblr / Behance
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