“TRANCE” was a group student exhibition at the campus gallery, Phyllis Gill Gallery, from March 2nd to the 5th, featuring pieces made by three individual artists. We shared this space putting up works that were evocative of dreams and trauma, with various depictions of fluidity and water. Most of the pieces showcased were printed illustrations with various elements of graphic design, digital painting, and several traditional pieces. Below are pictures taken at the exhibition’s reception night. Here are also photos of the pieces I contributed to the exhibition, some random pieces from the past were also shown, as well as a shared triptych that was a three-way collaboration with the other artists involved in this show.
When first starting this piece, the process started with simply experimenting and exploring the complexity of just simply trying to draw a straight line without a straight-edge. It slowly developed into imperfect, rough, ridged, and curved lines. Eventually, continuously doing this process led to certain lines intersecting, and meshing. As I stood back to see what my results were, I found it beautiful. It was an artist's touch, simply imperfect. The lines were so organic and natural that it gave life to the drawing, creating these luscious waves.
It is not about perfection, it is about finding and admiring the beauty in imperfect lines.
My set of illustrations aimed to capture scenes from my dreams, while mimicking colors and hues of the sky (especially during the sunset). In this series, I focused a lot on lighting, textures, and colors by using different hues and shades, and various types of textures and brushes to create depth and lighting.
Here are the four pieces displayed for my series. This was how it was ordered and showcased on the walls. These illustrations were printed on 17'in. x 22'in. Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper as prints.
You can see these designs here:  [x] , [x] , [x] , [x]
These pieces were displayed on the back wall, which showcased our random past works that were printed as 8.5'in. x 11'in. prints.
The front wall showcased our triptych collaboration of three 17'in. x 22'in. prints.
"TRANCE" Student Exhibition (2015)
Tracy Thanh Tran

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